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Dana Strum and Randy Rhoads

Dana Strum of Slaughter was friends with Randy Rhoads back in the day.  This isn't too surprising because it's not like the music scene, even in L.A., was all that big.  But Dana did make one important contribution to rock history via his friendship with Randy.  He loaned him the cab fare to get to his audition with Ozzy Osborne.

Throne of Blood

Throne Of Blood takes a great story written by a great playwright and turns it into a great film made by a great director. I have only ever seen one Kurosawa movie that I did not think was amazing, and this is probably my favorite of them all. It is a very dark and intense movie. In myh opinion, this is not only Kurosawa's best movie, but also the best screen adaptation of Macbeth ever made. This movie may not have had some of the industry changing techniques that Rashomon had, or the storytelling tropes that defined western cinema like Seven Samurai, but for performance, intensity, and entertainment value I put this at the top You should watch it immediately. Then once you are done, watch the other two I mentioned. Then watch any Kurosawa movie, they are all good. Ran is the only one that doesn't hold up to the standard of the others, and even it is decent.


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