Spider-Man The Coming Of The Kangroo

Spider-Man is one of my top three favorite superheroes.  I love the humor that was in the classic Spidey books.  In spite of being a huge fan, I can admit that even before the infamous Clone Saga Web Head's books occasionally went off the rails.  This is not a cover that would entice any but the most die hard of fans.  The Kangaroo is hardly a terror inspiring moniker, and the guy doesn't really even have a costume.  Although I suppose it would have been worse if he had been dressed as a giant kangaroo.  And what's up with those bandages on his hands?  Is that supposed to imply that he's a boxer?  You know, because kangaroos box. Sometimes I love comics purely, sometimes I love them in spite of their goofiness, and now and then I love them precisely because they are so damn goofy.  This would fall in that latter category.


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