Hollywood Stars for Fictional Characters

The Walk of Fame is one of the ways Hollywood recognizes stars for their achievements and contributions.  Movie and tv actors and actresses who have made an impact on the art form receive a star to immortalize them for generations to come.  But the Walk of Fame has recognized the contributions of a few fictional characters as well.  Here are some fictional characters who have received a star, and the year in which it was received:
Mickey Mouse 1978
Bugs Bunny 1985
Snow White 1987
Woody Woodpecker 1990
Big Bird 1994
The Simpsons 2000
Rugrats 2001
Kermit the Frog 2002
Donald Duck 2004
Godzilla 2004
Winnie the Pooh 2006
The Munchkins 2007
Shrek 2010
Tinker Bell 2010
The Muppets 2012
For the most part these are all well earned.  There are a couple that made me say "What the hell?"  Shrek seemed premature to me, and while I enjoyed the Rugrats show for all the winky humor, I thought it was odd to give them a star.  The coolest by far is Godzilla.  It made me happy to find out that the King of all Monsters had been recognized.


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