Top Monster Movies

I found two different lists of top monster movies, one from Rolling Stone Magazine and one from the New York Post.  Rolling Stone tended to go more for the classics, while the Post preferred newer movies.  I do have to say picking the 2005 King Kong makes no sense.  Of course now that Skull Island is out, I think that's the one I would put on my list.  Also, does Jaws really count as a monster movie?  Her are the lists so you can check them out for yourself.  What are your favorite monster movies?
Rolling Stone's top monster movies
5. Alien 1979
4. The Wolf Man 1941
3. Frankenstein 1931
2. King Kong 1933
1. Godzilla 1954
New York Post's top monster movies
5. The Mummy 1999
4. King Kong 2005
3. Aliens 1986
2. Jaws 1975
1. Jurassic Park 1993


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