Jack Benny The Kids In The Hall

The Kids In The Hall were a Canadian comedy troupe that had a show on HBO, the on CBS, beginning with a special in 1988.  If yo were around at the time you probably remember Cabbage Head, the "crush your head" guy, and the skit where the kid has a guitar duel with the devil.  (It was both hilarious and awesome.)  Even though they came along at the end of the 80's and were pushing the new edges of comedy, these Kids knew their comedy history.  They got their name from a group of kids that would hang around in the hallway at Jack Benny's show.  When Benny would come through the kids would shout at jokes to him.  If he wanted to use one, he'd give the kid who shouted it $5, big money at the time, especially for just shouting out a joke.


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