Charade's Copyright Issues

1963's Charade went into public domain immediately upon it's release, because the studio didn't do the copyright notice on the film properly. Because it didn't have the word copyright, or an abbreviation of the word, or the little c in a circle, it wasn't legally protected by copyright law. As a result there have been many different prints of the film of varying quality made available, including some with a piece of dialogue from the theatrical release that wasn't in later official releases. Initially in one scene Audrey Hepburn says something about getting assassinated. But the movie released in December of 1963, less than a month after John F. Kennedy was shot. The line was dubbed to say eliminated instead. The line was later changed back to the original assassinated by the  studio, but due to the lack of copyright some copies of the original release have been made available with the word still censored.


  1. Always wondered why a big studio mainstream release was in P.D.... I recall that "Night of the Living Dead" made the same error, due the distributor's decision to rename it from "Night of Anubis" at the last minute. The new title card lacked the (c) "bug' . The producers couldn't even sue, because the Walter Reede Co. went bankrupt only a few years later.


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