Yoko Courts Controversy

Popular music has had it's fair share of controversial figures, but few have stirred as much controversy as one small Japanese woman who wasn't even a musician. Yoko was an artist, who polarized people when it became widely believed that she was responsible for splitting up arguably the most popular band of all time, the Beatles. Yoko continued to make tongues wag when she staged bed-ins with hubby John Lennon, made bizarre caterwauling noises in his shows and on his records that was supposed to be singing, or did (some would say pretentious) art installations like appearing in a bag or gluing a teacup back together one piece a day on a talk show. Of course, as often happens, the world moved on. But Yoko had one last fling with controversy. In 1996 she was giving a concert (being married to a Beatle had given her the opportunity for a music career even if she didn't have the talent to justify it) and during the song Julia she ripped pages from a Bible during the line in Julia "Half of what I say is meaningless". The uproar forced her to apologize, which is something an artist should never have to do in my opinion. Maybe she was an obnoxious press hound (there is ample evidence to bear this out), maybe she was trying to get out a message of positivity (her record on this is actually better than that of the Beatles, who pride themselves on their message of love), but regardless of her motives I think it's a shame when an artist is punished for expressing themselves, even if that expression does seem like an imitation of Sinead O'Connor's Pope picture ripping scandal of a few years earlier. 


  1. And John said: 'The Beatles were more popular than Jesus'


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