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Condorman #2 of 2

Issue number 2 of the Condorman comic book adaptation picks up with Woody and Natalia having dispatched all of the pursuing vehicles. All that is except for the one driven by the killer Morovich. Woody still has one trick left up his sleeve though. The car turns into a hydrofoil and the two escape to safety. Or so they believe. Krokov knows they will go to Italy, so arranges to have them framed for murder. They are arrested and all seems lost when an agent from Monte Carlo comes to extradite them. But it turns out the agent is Woody's friend from the CIA, Harry.

Morovich is also there and chases them through the streets. They duck into a wedding where Natalia interrupts to announce that the groom is already married to her. She points out Morovich as her uncle. The bride's family decide to take out their rage on him, allowing Woody, Harry and Natalia to make good their escape. Morovich has to report his failure to Krokov, but he's not upset. He has figured out the Condorman's plan is taken straight from a comic book that Woody wrote. As the trio of protagonists cross the alps on a rocket powered ski lift the Russians shoot down Harry and Woody.

Presuming the two Americans to be dead they take Natalia into custody. Krokov plans to cover for her because he wants her help in wooing some Middle Eastern oil sheiks who are coming to meet him in Monte Carlo. Woody convinces Harry to let him rescue Natalia when he reveals that he has fallen in love with her. The dress as Middle Eastern men and go to Monte Carlo in a yacht. Krokov doesn't recognize them and invites them to his party. Harry sets off an explosion and Woody snatches Natalia. They run to the roof with Krokov and Morovich in pursuit.

Woody has had his flying Condorman suit from the beginning of the first issue sent to him. He and Natalia use that to fly off the roof and back to the yacht where Harry is headed to make ready their escape. The wing malfunctions again, and Woody and Natalia tumble down into the boat. The yacht opens to let out a speedboat. But as they are making their getaway they are chased by black boats with missiles. Woody uses a new weapon, which isn't really explained but it blows up all the boats but the one holding Krokov and Morovich. As the three escapees climb into a waiting helicopter Morovich tries to ram them and ends up smashing into a big rock. Later the three celebrate their escape in L.A. at a baseball game. As they are congratulating Natalia on making it to America Harry gets a call that the president wants to secure Condorman's services for another job

This issue wasn't as fun as the first one. I was also left wondering why Woody would take his plan directly out of his comic book, and if he didn't bother to repair the flying suit after it dunked him in the water earlier. The jokes felt a little flatter here. I am interested to rewatch the movie (if I can find it) to see if the second half suffers from this too. Overall, the book isn't bad and it's too bad they didn't expand it into a regular series the way Marvel did 2001. It's very 80's of course, with the idea that even a comic book writer could outsmart special agents trained to kill, because Americans are just naturally better than Russians. It's dumb, but still fun and is very playful, not taking itself very seriously at all. Worth a read, and quicker to read in comic form than the movie is to watch. It may be hard to find, but if you get a chance it's worth checking out.


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