Wonder Woman #186

It may seem coordinated, but it's by chance that I'm doing the Wonder Woman comic right after doing the t.v. show. But it is just by chance. Unfortunately I'm not able to start the comics at the beginning. Also unfortunately, I have to start during the run when Wonder Woman was a non-powered spy working under a Chinese CIA agent named I Ching. 

This issue starts with Diana's boutique having been destroyed after she rescued a girl from some fate which I think they assume you read in the last issue since they don't really explain it. The girl brings in her friends, who have a problem they want Diana to help fix. They have a frog in a box who turns out to be the boyfriend of one of the girls. It seems he found a book of magic and they summoned the witch Morgana Le Fay. She turned Henry into a frog to keep him from sending her back to whatever dimension they brought her from.

Diana agrees to help and they chase Morgana through the streets, where she has made men fight over a fat woman, bank guards bring money out to people on the street, and stuffed animals come to life to rampage through the streets. She keeps besting Diana with her magic to make good her escape. All the while I Ching tries to tell Diana something, but she keeps blowing him off. When he finally gets her to stop and listen, he reveals that he is a Warlock and can stop Morgana. Why he needed to disclose this before putting it into action, who knows? But he puts the kibosh in the witch's spell casting.

Diana decides that she can now take the witch, but once again gets her ass handed to her.  I Ching banishes her back to where she came from, but then the girls realize that poor Henry is still a frog. After I Ching fails to reverse the spell his girlfriend Abbie restores him with a kiss. While Diana frets that she couldn't take Morgana in physical combat a hidden enemy outside plans to take her down. The best part of reading this issue was the page with reader comments about the changes to Wonder Woman in this run. They did half and half positive and negative reactions, although knowing comic book nerds I suspect the reaction wasn't that evenly split. The editor was very snarky to all of those who didn't like the change, going so far as to reply to someone who said they would stop buying Wonder Woman to buy Superman instead that they didn't care since Superman is still a DC book.  It's rare to see such blatant disregard for the readers, especially back then.


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