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Godley & Creme Birds of Prey

I am going to be honest, I had never heard of Godley and Creme. This record came in a box of vinyl I bought and this was my first time listening to it. Doing some reading on them, apparently this was the wrong album to start with since it's not indicative of their work really. They are childhood friends and former members of 10cc. The album is sort of electronic synth pop, it's very 80's for sure. It came out in 1983. From looking at the cover I expected something a little sexier, maybe with a bit more funk to it. I didn't know it was 2 British white guys at the time. My Body the Car sounds like something you might hear from DaVinci's Notebook, which I guess might make this group ahead of their time. Worm and the Rattlesnake comes off like a 2nd rate Tears For Fears knockoff, but it's not awful. I did find myself wondering if it was supposed to be some kind of penis metaphor. Cats Eyes tried to be a bit more soulful, but doesn't quite make it. It's kind

Tales From The Darkside Season 1 Episode 1 The New Man

 The first episode of the series proper (the  pilot  aired the year before) of Tales From the Darkside is definitely not it's strongest episode. Alan is a former drunk who is now doing great in real estate. Things go wrong when his young son Jerry shows up at his office. See, he doesn't have a young son Jerry. His wife Sharon and his son Petey seem to remember Jerry, but Alan does not. SHaron becomes convinced that Alan is drinking again. Days go by without his realizing it. His work suffers. Sharon decides to leave Alan. He comes home and hallucinates Sharon telling Jerry about what a disappointment Alan is. He goes in and begins trashing Alan's room. In the process he finds a bottle of whiskey hidden in a drawer. He gets drunk and wakes up with a greasepaint beard. There's a new guy working at his old job. His boss offers him a drink, like he did Alan at the beginning of the episode, and we discover that he is a recovering alcoholic. As the boss leaves Jerry shows up

The Rampaging Hulk #1

 The Rampaging Hulk Started in 1977, as a black and white book. Apparently the thought was that being black and white would somehow appeal to a more adult audience, though there was little change in the content from the full color Hulk books apparently meant for kids. The book is split into two stories, the first featuring the Hulk and Rick Jones, and the second featuring Bloodstone.  The Krylorian Conspiracy is said to take place right after the initial run of Hulk books in the early 60's, though the writers apparently didn't bother to go back and read those books as several details about character and how the Hulk transforms were not consistent with those early books. Research isn't the only weakness the writers had. There are several instances of terrible grammar, misspelled words, and common phrases using the wrong words. The dialogue is clunky and the story itself is kind of dumb. The art, on the other hand, is kind of amazing. The way the Hulk is drawn is great, and t

Monkey Business

Monkey Business was the third film by the Marx Brothers and one of the best. For me only Duck Soup is better. It's a lot like that movie, in that there isn't much plot and it really just focuses on the chaos of the brothers running around and making a mess of everything. They don't even bother to give their characters names. The musical sequences are much shorter than in the previous films, although I really enjoy watching Chico play the piano so I don't mind these scenes as much as others seem to. That the plot wasn't paramount is illustrated by the fact that we get well into the movie before we even begin to see what it is. What we do get right away is that the four Marx Brothers (Groucho, Chico, Harpo and Zeppo) are stowaways on a cruise ship. They are discovered because they keep singing Sweet Adeline in four part harmony (possibly 3 part, as Harpo normally doesn't speak or sing in the movies and there is some debate over whether his voice is included). As t

Vault of Horror #12

 I am starting with issue number 12 of Vault of Horror because issues 1 through 11 do not exist. The book was originally call War Against Crime and only became Vault of Horror with issue #12. The issue starts with a story called Portrait in Wax. Robert and Henry are two starving artists living in Paris. Robert is very talented but doesn't want to sell his work. Henry has no talent, but desperately wants to be rich and famous. Henry starts selling Robert's work as his own. Robert finds out and confronts him, telling Henry he is going to the police. Henry throws acid in his face, then decides to kill him by throwing his whole body into a vat of acid. Henry lives the high life from the money he makes selling Robert's work. But soon he begins to run out of pieces tom sell. One of his friends dies, and he receives a mysterious and anonymous message to go see a statue that was made of his friend. He goes and finds a completely life like wax statue. He talks the man responsible in