X-Men #1

It was 1991. The X-Men were a hot commodity, but as so often happens with comics there was so much continuity to deal with in the series that it was hard to pull in new readers. Marvel had two options, reboot the series or try to create a jumping on point for new readers. They went with the second option. It feels like they may have been trying to lure back old readers as well, since this book took old characters and put them back in familiar positions that they had strayed from. This series was running when the popular animated show started, and though the stories were taken from older books the team makeup and look was definitely influenced by this run.

The story starts with some mutants who have hijacked a space shuttle being chased by agents in 3 other ships. The mutants are looking for Magneto, who has withdrawn from the world on his asteroid sanctuary. Even though he proclaims he wants nothing to do with world events, he is rather easily suckered into going down to earth to start some shit. Meanwhile the X-Men have reorganized into two strike teams and are in the danger room learning to work together, and with a recently returned Professor X. Apparently the thought was that Wolverine had been softened too much over the years, because the book goes out of it's way to show that he is surlier and nastier than ever.

Magneto comes to earth to deliver a warning, and Rogue is the only member of the team who seems to want to talk to him and not just carve him up. Lots of ham fisted dialogue that passes for witty banter and earnest sermonizing about man's inhumanity take place with a couple of action scenes. (Have I mentioned that I always felt like the X-Men books took themselves much too seriously, especially in this period?) We get a resolution of sorts, and a cliffhanger for the next issue. All in all not a bad read, although I don't hold out a lot of hope for future issues as I remember this being a period in comics where the concern was all about the art and the story was deemed almost inconsequential. Hopefully I am proven wrong, we'll see.


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