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Star Trek #1

The first issue of DC Comics' Star Trek came out in 1984, a few months before Star Trek III came out. The decided to put the book in the continuity of the movies, but obviously had no idea what the movies were going to be doing. At the beginning of the book Kirk asks to be assigned to the Enterprise and his request is granted. The odd part is he is demoted to Captain from Admiral, and this is somehow presented as being a good thing for him. All the main players of course sign up to serve under him, including Lt. Saavik from Star Trek II. There are also a couple of ensigns, whose fathers were both on a ship that was destroyed by Klingons at the beginning of the book. This is the cause of a fight between them, which is broken up by Kirk.

Kirk takes his crew to investigate how the Klingons are ambushing Federation ships without being detected. The Enterprise is attacked and Kirk figures out their very rudimentary strategy and uses it against them. The Klingons are somehow baffled that Kirk is able to figure out that the ships on one side fire, then the ships on the other side, etc., allowing him to turn his shields on and off as needed. After the Klingon attack is thwarted, the crew discovers that the Klingons are using a wormhole to encroach on Federation space undetected. Kirk sends Saavik off in a shuttle with a "warpsled" and he and one of the ensigns beam into the wormhole. There they discover a Klingon space station.

You have to cut the book slack for not fitting in with anything that happens in the subsequent movies, because they obviously had no way of knowing what was going to happen in those movies. They made their best educated guess based on the end of the last movie and went forward. Unfortunately even with this in mind the writing left a lot to be desired. The dialogue is clunky. The events all feel rushed. There is a subplot of Kirk being a dick to Saavik because she has replaced Spock. This is a complex emotional issue that is raised and dealt with in the space of three panels instead of being fleshed out and explored in the space it needs. This together with a stiff art style makes the book feel a bit slapdash. The main incentive to read on is to see how they course correct when the next movies come out and wreck the story they are telling. The book ran for years, so I assume it improves. We'll see.


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