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Swamp Thing #2

Issue #2 picks up right where issue #1 left off. Swamp Thing is watching the paramedics cart off the bad guys he just killed, when a group of creatures fall from the trees and attack him. Thanks to the hypnotic powers of one, he is put to sleep. They chain him to the bottom of a plane and fly away. Matt Cable sees and is determined to follow, still thinking Swamp Thing killed the hollands. The leader of the thugs is listening in on Matt through a transmitter hidden inside a stray dog (comics!) and also vows his revenge.

Meanwhile Swamp Thing awakens in a castle and continues his fight with the creatures, but is convinced to stop by an old man naming himself Arcane. Arcane has created the Un-Men, as he names the creatures, in an attempt to create a new body for himself. See, he has the secret of immortality but doesn't want to use it while he's all old and wrinkly and whatnot. So he created the Un-Men, but they are either physically strong and mentally weak, or vice versa. He convinces Swamp Thing to let him take on the vegetable body and return him to his human form.

At first Holland is thrilled to be himself again. But then he overhears Arcane talking about how he plans to destroy everyone in the village below. It's almost like you can't trust a magic wielding mad scientist who lives in a mountaintop castle and creates his own race of creatures to do his bidding.  Anyway, Holland manages to reverse the spell, or procedure, or whatever it is. He becomes Swamp Thing again, Arcane falls off a cliff, the Un-Men sort of wander away, and all seems right ion the world. Well, except for the large shadowy figure that looks a lot like one of Arcane's rejects who is following Swampy. Dun dun dunnnnn!


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