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Marvel Two-In-One #1

Marvel Two-In-One had the same concept as Marvel Team-Up except instead of Spider-Man this book had characters teaming up with the everlovin' blue eyed Thing. This issue catches the Thing in a desert town on his way back from a recent throw down with the Hulk. He sees a headline about the Man Thing and decides there can only be one "thing". He decides to go to the swamps Man Thing calls home to have it out with the beast. Although Ben is the one acting beastly, reducing the clerk at the bus depot to tears with his bullying. 

We then go to the Molecule Man on his death bed, who passes on his knowledge and power to his son so that he can get posthumous revenge on the Fantastic Four. The new Molecule Man ends up in the swamp and has a brief encounter with the 2 Things. He decides to make them both human again so Ben can watch him kill the other members of the FF. They all end up in the nearby town, when MM inexplicably decides to put both men back into their monster forms, thus allowing them the opportunity to stumble upon the one way to defeat him. 

It's not a great story, and there are no iconic scenes. It was an ambitious attempt though, as the Man Thing is a hard character to do a team up story with being a mindless beast and all. Neither hero was utilized particularly well. Maybe it's because I never enjoyed The Thing as much as Spider-Man, but this issue made me surprised that the book lasted for 100 issues. I am looking forward to seeing if it's better when the guest star is someone with an actual personality. The coolest part was when Molecule Man turned a random dude into Mr. Fantastic and then stretched him to death. Pretty hardcore for a 70's comic. In fact it reminded me a little bit of that scene from The Multiverse of Madness. The only other point of interest is the boy that the Thing hands Molecule Man's wand to at the end. The kid says something about being king of the universe and has a real creepy look. Did we just witness the unwitting creation of a future supervillain?


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