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Weird Moments In Comics: World's Finest 35 Daddy Superman

1948 was during a weird time for comics. Superheroes were not as popular as they had been during the war.  One hero who was still standing strong though was Superman. He had a couple of titles of his own, and shared the pages of World's Finest with Batman and other DC heroes.  I imagine it was hard to come up with so many Superman stories every month.  Maybe that ecplains what happens in World's Finest #35.

In Daddy Superman, the two worst parents in the world are headed out on a trip, and plan to leave their twin babies with the mom's sister. They go to the wrong address and end up at the apartment building of Clark Kent. When no one answers the door, they are in such a hurry that they leave the babies in a basket outside the door, I guess hoping that the sister finds them before someone who would sell them into slavery or something.

Clark finds the babies and tries to take care of them, but finds that he is out of his depth. He doesn't seem to have all that much sympathy for them, considering their situation is very similar to his own. His editor coerces him into keeping the kids, thinking for some reason that it would make a good story. We get to see Superman battling against such issues as not being able to find milk to feed the kids and having to fly to a farm to milk the cows himself.

The wildest thing is when Supes takes the kids along to hep a train that has derailed. The parents happen to be on the train and mom recognizes her little ones by the sound of their cries. She confronts Superman   about kidnapping her children. When they get that straightened out, she becomes angry because he has lost the ribbons she had in their hair. You see, since they are twins the ribbons are the only way she can tell them apart. Luckily the man of steel uses his super-vision to find fiber strands so he can tell her what color ribbon each baby had on. After babysitting two toddlers, taking on Darkseid will probably be a relief.


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