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I Married A Witch

I Married A Witch begins in colonial times just after Veronica Lake's character Jennifer has been burned at the stake for being a witch. Her father shared her fate, and their spirits are trapped in a tree that was buried on their execution site. Jennifer has put a curse on her accuser and his family. We then see a series of flash forwards showing this curse in action. Then we get to 1942 and see the latest member of the  cursed family, Wallace Wooley. He is running for governor and is due to marry the daughter of his biggest backer the next day. Then during a party for the candidate, lightning strikes the tree Jennifer and her father  are trapped in and they escape.

Jennifer decides that it would be fun to make Wooley fall in love with her, so she tricks her father into helping her get a new body (up to this point the pair had been wisps of talking smoke). This involves setting a hotel on fire. Wooley happens by and rushes in to rescue a nude Jennifer. He is hailed as a hero and thinks this will be a boost to his election chances. That is, until Jennifer shows up later in his house.

Wooley is fiercely  attracted to her, but still intends to get married. Due to her failure to completely seduce him, Jennifer decides to make a love potion. Through a mishap, Wooley gets her to drink the potion instead, causing her to fall in love with Wooley. This upsets her father, but he convinces her that he will help her win Wooley's heart. Instead it turns out that he has a plan to frame Wooley for his murder. There are a few more twists and turns to the plot, that I'll leave for you to discover.

The main appeal of the movie is Veronica Lake, who is in my humble opinion one of the sexiest movie stars ever. There are a few funny bits, such as when Jennifer asks Wooley what she should do with h\er borrowed coat as he bundles her into a taxi. The coat is the only thing she is wearing. Wooley tells her to turn it in to the police when she is done with it. The cab drives about a block and the coat comes out the window aimed at a  cop on the sidewalk. While it hardly stands among the classics, like Bringing Up Baby, it  is an enjoyable way to kill an hour and a half


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