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Geektoons: Mighty Mouse

Today I am going to talk about that super powered rodent who comes to save the day, Mighty Mouse. Initially named Super Mouse and sporting a very familiar blue and red costume, his name was switched to Mighty Mouse and his costume to yellow and red.

The early cartoons would have the mice in peril, with a voice over explaining what was happening. Mighty Mouse would show up at the end to save them. There was no dialog from the characters in these early shows. Later episodes took an operatic approach with characters singing their lines. Mighty Mouse gained a love interest in Pearl Pureheart, and a recurring nemesis in Oilcan Harry.
Legendary animator Ralph Bakshi brought Might Mouse back in 1987, for a short run that strangely involved a controversy about Mighty Mouse doing cocaine. This was the last Mighty Mouse series, though with the current glut of nostalgia movies being made I would not be surprised to see him hit the big screen again.
Mighty Mouse is not a serious superhero cartoon. It was made for small kids with a definite comedy element. But back before geek culture dominated the pop culture landscape, you were often happy to take what you could get. Any superhero, even if he was a singing mouse, was greeted with enthusiasm.
Mighty Mouse made quite the impact on pop culture during his time. The most famous example might be Andy Kaufman lip syncing to his theme song on Saturday Night Live. Mighty Mouse makes the list of geektoons not because of how good it is in itself though, but because it helped keep the superhero genre alive. If you are interested in classic cartoons, give them a watch. Don't expect great drama, just some cute toons with a flying mouse in a cape.


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