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Don Henley Sings Don Henley Must Die


Mojo Nixon is a musician who has gone out of his way to try to be controversial. The fact that I had to write that indicates that it may not have brought him the attention that he hoped. Still, he did manage to stir the pot a little with songs like Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My Two Headed Love Child, Stuffin' Marth's Muffin (about MTV VJ Martha Quinn), and Bring Me The Head Of David Geffen. The song that goy him the most attention was Don Henley Must Die. But it wasn't because Don got mad and sued or anything like that. On July 31, 1992 Henley showed up at a Mojo Nixon show at The Hole in Austin Texas. From descriptions of the evening it sounds like Don had maybe had a drink or 6. Mojo Nixon was alerted to his presence. In his own words: "There I was, the king of bullshit, completely flabbergasted," remembers Nixon. "I took my guitar off, put it back on, did that like three times, then got on the mic and said, 'Don, do you want to debate? Do you want to fist fight?' He was shit-faced and he goes, 'I want to sing that song, especially the part about not getting together with Glenn Frey!'" Henley got onstage, sang the song with the band, was complemented by Nixon as having "balls as big as church bells", and left. Nixon may have found a little new respect for Henley, but it didn't seem to change his overall attitude. In 2014, when talking about the fact that Don had been invited to play an anniversary show at The Hole with Nixon, Mojo said  "I'm pretty sure he's busy with his Eagles reunion nonstop cash grab."


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