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Ghoulies is often represented as being one of the knockoff films inspired by Gremlins. It was actually in production at the same time as Gremlins. Unfortunately it didn't have the money or the talent behind it that Gremlins did. That's not to say that it isn't enjoyable, it is. But there were times when the combination of cheap production, cheesy dialogue and bad acting made it feel almost like one of the porno movies of the time. It has it's redeeming features. While the puppetry isn't great, the puppets themselves are pretty cool. It moves a little slowly, and for an 80's horror movie it's light on the gore. While I did enjoy it, I think the main reason it has lasted as long as it has is due a combination of being featured on USA Up All Night and the one image of the Ghoulie coming up from the toilet. The movie starts out with a ritual being led by Michael Des Barres' Malcolm. He is planning to sacrifice a baby. He is stopped by a woman who puts an amu

The Dukes Of Hazzard Season 1 Episode 1 One Armed Bandits

 I'm going to start off with the proverbial elephant in the room. This show has a car named after a Confederate general that has a Confederate battle flag painted on it. My talking about the show is not in any way an endorsement or an excuse for using that symbol or romanticizing people who fought to preserve slavery. Slavery is the most shameful blemish on our country's history, and racism is a scourge which plagues us still. I wish the show hadn't included these tributes to such a terrible cause. As a southern kid watching the show I didn't understand the real meaning these things had. Now I do, and it almost kept me from even doing this show. But the show was not only a big part of my childhood, but was a big part of pop culture in the 80's and beyond. A lot of 20th century pop culture unfortunately has shameful and even detestable elements regarding race, gender and sexuality. I don't think that this should mean we just pretend they don't exist. I think

The Whistler Old Time Radio Broadcast

  The Whistler was a radio show much in the same vein of The Shadow. Unlike The Shadow The Whistler never became a character in his own stories. He only narrated the stories of others. This is why he never moved on to comic books and feature films, and why he has been largely forgotten while The Shadow has lived on even with his limited popularity. The stories usually have a twist ending, and this one is no exception. So sit back and enjoy a good old fashioned audio drama.

Batman Arkham Asylum Tales of Madness #1

Greg is a new guard at Arkham Asylum. He is going to night school and has plans to be married soon. Life is good for Greg. Until his third night on his new job. They are in Killer Croc's cell when there is an earthquake. Steel shutters snap into place locking the facility down. Unfortunately Croc's door was still open. He kills a guard and is going for the other two when he hears the Joker calling to him. The power goes out and the two guards make a break for it. Croc releases Joker, who proceeds to release some of the other maniacs. Together they find the two guards and kill one of them. Greg is the lucky survivor. They argue over who will get to kill Greg. Joker decides they will have a contest. They will each tell a story and whoever scares Greg the most gets to kill him. Vox tells about her dysfunctional family and how they were so messed up they didn't notice that she was hearing voices until they told her to kill her little brother.  Riddler told a story about robbing

Return To The Planet Of The Apes Season 1 Episode 1

Return to the Planet of the Apes is an animated series that spins off of the first two movies and ignores the latter three, sort of. We start with the familiar setup. A space capsule from Earth travels through time. This time the 3 astronauts are not in any kind of suspended animation or anything. They are awake and travelling through time due to the speed of their craft. They appear to hit some sort of phenomenon which shoots them much further ahead than they had been travelling before, about 2,000 years. They crash in the ocean and travel through the desert looking for food. Along the way a mysterious fire springs up and destroys their supplies. Then an earthquake hits and the female astronaut, Judy, is swallowed by the earth. The two remaining astronauts, Jeff and Bill, travel on and find the ape version of Mount Rushmore. They also discover a cave occupied by humans before passing out.  The humans rescue the two time travelers and nurse them back to health. They discover that a fem