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Favorite Friends

  Who was the most popular Friend on Friends?  We don’t really know about the audience, but we can tell who was most popular with the writers by looking at who got the most screen time all to themselves.  Monica had 69 scenes with none of the other Friends present.  Chandler got 88 scenes to himself.  Rachel was in 105.  Pheobe had 117 scenes. Ross got 139 scenes to himself.  Joey is the king of popularity, with 151 scenes that didn’t involve anyone else from the main cast.

Dell Movie Classics Hercules Unchained

The comic book adaptations of the 1959 Steve Reeves movie Hercules Unchained begins with Hercules parting ways with the Argonauts to take his new bride Iole back home to Thebes. He is bringing along young Ulysses to train him. Ulysses' father Laertes gives them some homing pigeons in case they run into trouble on their journey. Of course they run into nothing but trouble. The first problem they encounter is Antaeus, the son of the earth goddess. He wants to rob them, and he gains in strength every time he touches the ground. Hercules solves this by simply holding him over his head. One might expect this interlude to tie back in and play some part in the larger plot, but it does not. When they reach Thebes Hercules and company find that Eodipus' sons have convinced him to step down as king so they can take turns ruling Thebes every other year. Only it is now Polynices' turn to rule but his brother Eteocles will not give up the throne. Polynices has brought in a foreign army