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Petticoat Junction Season 1 Episode 2

The 2nd episode picks up where the 1st left off, which may not seem that big a deal these days but most comedies back then (and for decades after) didn't have stories than ran through multiple episodes. We begin with Kate and the girls trying to keep Mr. Bedloe from the railroad company asleep so that the train can leave, giving them more time to convince him not to take away the train. Uncle Joe is of course confused and tries to take charge of the plans, but finds himself always two steps behind Kate. However Bedloe seems unmovable. A great meal doesn't budge him. Sentiment doesn't faze him in the slightest. In fact he goes so far to show what a jerk he is that he steals the chair from the Shady Rest hotel.

There are some funny bits where they convince Bedloe he is going to Hooterville when in fact his train car has been left behind, and when he is using a hand cart to get there and meets the train headed back. Finally Kate to him in the one way he can be gotten, his pocketbook. She gets Sam Drucker to act in his capacity as sheriff to serve complaints against Bedloe for damages and fees incurred by his train. Once Bedloe realizes that Drucker is also the judge, he realizes he has no choice but to capitulate. This show has so much humor and charm, I am really looking forward to doing the next episode. This episode originally aired on October 1, 1963. The #1 song at that time was Blue Velvet by Bobby Vinton. The V.I.P.s was the top movie, having just replaced Cleopatra, which would regain the top spot a couple of weeks later. 


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