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The Tom Hanks Vs Henry Winkler Feud

Tom Hanks is often considered to be one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. He not the kind to have beef with anyone. And if there is one person in Tinseltown who has a reputation as being nicer than Hanks, it's Henry Winkler. Who could possibly dislike either of these men? Well, for many years they did not care for each other. It apparently began in 1989 when Winkler was directing Hanks in the movie Turner and Hooch. They apparently did not work well together, and the decision was made to replace Winkler. He apparently blamed Hanks for his dismissal, and there was bad blood for a long time. Henry would take the occasional jab at Tom in interviews, saying he got along better with the dog in the movie than he did with the human star. Both men were upset enough about the state of affairs between them that they confided in mutual friend Ron Howard. They eventually mended fences, ending possibly the most unlikely feud in showbiz history. Ironically a few years before their real life spat Hanks was a guest on Winkler's show Happy Days. In it he played a guy out for revenge against Winkler's character Fonzie. So maybe the whole thing was just a case of life imitating art.


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