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Random Shots

 Here is a collection of random shots we have taken. Most were not even for photo shoots,but I like them for one reason or another and decided to include them here. 

First up is a shot that I have titled Boo!. it is an early attempt at playing with photo editing and manipulating color and things like that. I like the results. You can't tell that it's a cheap Wal-Mart Halloween mask and cheap gloves against a white wall.

The next is just a shot of a cute squirrel, nothing special unless you happen to think that cute squirrels are special. (Spoiler, I do.)

I try not to get too pretentious and blather on about artsy concepts like composition and framing, but I have to say I like the composition of the next shot. It was taken at a concert and it was an attempt to get a long distance shot of the stage, but the audience between me and the stage ended up being the much more interesting element of the picture in my opinion.

The next shot is a collection of sex toys on a table that we took for the cover of a book of erotica. Maybe it will spark some inspiration for you tonight.

This is the view from a popular touristy "lookout point" without the change fed telescopes.

I'm not sure what it is about this picture that captures my interest. Maybe it's the random lantern hanging from the tree. Maybe it's all the blossoms. Maybe a combination of elements. Whatever it is, I like this pic and hope you do too.

This next one is of a Civil War era hotel that was recently demolished where we live. We got this pic a few years before they tore it down. It was in such bad shape it was dangerous, and kids liked to party there and deface it. It was still sad to see it go.

And a snapshot of our kitty cats, both of whom have now passed over that rainbow bridge.

And finally, some architecture of an old mission seen over the surrounding tree line.


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