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Boudoir Set 8

 Another set of pics from the boudoir shoots we did a while back. In this set we played around splicing the model into different backgrounds, and played with color a bit. We added some effects here and there. We really had a lot of fun in the editing. The down side is it took us forever to finish editing. The fun thing in boudoir is trying to come up with poses that are different and interesting. We did one shot here that is just the model's legs. There's a lot of looking at her hand, or staring into the distance. I for one don't care for traditional portrait styles of just smiling into the camera, but of course in art everyone's mileage may vary. When I say an early shoot, this was actually the first boudoir shoot we ever did. We did a few this day, but this was the very first one. We really had no clue at all what we were doing (that situation arguably has gotten a little better) but we were just having a lot of fun. I think a sense of fun can help a lot in art, especially something like this. It also helps keep the model at ease, which of course if paramount. Anyway, here are the pics, and I hope you enjoy them. 


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