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David Bowie and Prince Fight Evil Space Zombies

 (Everything in this post was generated by AI.)

In a far-off galaxy, there was a planet ruled by a wicked queen who had enslaved her people and unleashed an army of evil space zombies upon the universe. But little did she know, a powerful alliance was forming to stop her reign of terror.

Prince, a fearless warrior with a guitar for a weapon, and David Bowie, a cosmic traveler with a voice that could move mountains, had joined forces to defeat the queen and her minions.

As they traveled through space, they encountered all kinds of strange and terrifying creatures, but none could stand up to the power of their music.

One day, they landed on the queen's planet and began their assault on her fortress. They fought their way through hordes of space zombies, using their music to stun and disorient their foes.

Finally, they reached the queen's throne room, where she sat upon her throne, surrounded by her most loyal minions.

But Prince and Bowie were not deterred. They launched into a song that shook the very foundations of the planet, sending the queen and her minions tumbling from their thrones.

As they stood victorious, the queen reached for a device that would destroy the planet and all its inhabitants. But Prince and Bowie were ready. They played a melody so powerful that it overpowered the queen's device, rendering it harmless.

The queen, defeated and powerless, begged for mercy. Prince and Bowie showed her compassion and spared her life, knowing that true victory came not from destroying one's enemies, but from bringing them to justice.

And so, the galaxy rejoiced as Prince and Bowie became the heroes of the universe, fighting for justice and peace against all who threatened it. And the evil space zombies? They retreated to the far corners of the galaxy, knowing that they could never stand up to the power of music and the bravery of two warriors who refused to give up.


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