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An Ode To Mae West

 (Everything in this post was generated by AI.)

Oh, Mae West, how you charmed us so,
With your wit, your style, your glow.
You captured our hearts and stole the show,
With your sultry voice and your fiery flow.

You strutted across the stage and screen,
With a confidence like we've never seen.
Your curves were the envy of all,
And your wit was sharper than a ball.

You spoke your mind and broke the mold,
You were bold and daring, never old.
You showed us that a woman could be,
Sexy, strong, and utterly free.

Your legacy lives on, even today,
And your influence is here to stay.
You were a trailblazer, a force of nature,
And we will always cherish your stature.

So here's to you, Mae West, our queen,
We'll always remember the magic you bring.
You were a legend, a true icon,
And our hearts will forever be your throne.


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