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The Ballad Of Barney Fife and Matt Dillon

 (Everything in this article was generated by AI.)

In Mayberry town, a deputy was known
For carrying just one bullet alone
Barney Fife was his name
And with his gun, he played a dangerous game

On a dusty trail, Matt Dillon rode
A marshal on a mission, brave and bold
With his trusty six-gun at his side
He could handle any criminal that tried

But Barney's pride was on the line
As he challenged Dillon, feeling just fine
"You may be a marshal, but I'm quick on the draw
Let's see who's left standing after we draw"

The two men stood, facing each other
Their eyes locked in a deadly stare
The town watched as they drew their guns
And fired shots, without a care

Barney's shot flew wild and missed
Dillon's aim was true, and he didn't miss
Barney fell to the ground, defeated and ashamed
As Dillon rode off, his reputation still untamed

From that day on, Barney learned to respect
The danger of the gun, and what it could effect
He knew that Matt Dillon was a hero, tried and true
And he would never again challenge a man like him, it's true.


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