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Groucho Marx, Mae West and Abbott and Costello

 (Everything in this post was generated by AI.)


We see Mae West lounging on a divan, smoking a cigarette. Groucho Marx enters with his trademark cigar.

Groucho: (smirking) My dear, you know why they say the moon is shining?

Mae: (batting her eyelashes) Why do they say that?

Groucho: (grinning) Because it's too far to reach!

Mae: (laughing) You always know how to make a girl blush, Groucho.

Groucho: (chuckling) That's not all I know how to make a girl do.

Mae: (coyly) You're such a naughty boy, Groucho. But I like it.

Abbott and Costello suddenly burst into the room.

Abbott: Hey, who's on first?

Mae: (smiling) That's what I'd like to know, dearie.

Costello: No, no, no. Who's on first, What's on second, and I Don't Know is on third.

Groucho: (confused) What the hell are you talking about?

Abbott: We're trying out our new comedy routine.

Mae: (rolling her eyes) Well, you're not getting any laughs from me.

Groucho: (smiling) Don't worry, Mae. I know how to make this funny.

Groucho whispers something to Abbott and they both start laughing.

Costello: Hey, what's the joke?

Abbott: (smiling) Sorry, Lou. We can't tell you.

Mae: (sighing) I think I need another drink.

Groucho: (smiling) Make mine a martini, shaken not stirred.

Abbott: (confused) That's not how you make a martini.

Groucho: (grinning) That's how James Bond likes it.

Mae: (smiling) I think I'm going to like you, Groucho.

Costello: (whispering to Abbott) What's going on?

Abbott: (whispering back) I don't know, but at least we're not on second base.


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