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5 Fun Pop Culture Facts Strike Back


Miami Vice's Fancy Duds

Miami Vice was a new benchmark for style over substance in television drama. Not saying it wasn't fun to watch, but that had more to do with the soundtrack and the way the show looked than the writing. The show runners knew this too. That's why the wardrobe budget for the pilot alone was $70,000.00. That's in 1984 money too.

Zeppelin's Fourth

Led Zeppelin's fourth album technically doesn't have a title, the band wanted the music to stand on it's own. It has been referred to as IV (due to it's being the 4th album obviously) and Zoso (due to the rune Jimmy Page chose to represent him which looks like those letters). The most whimsical title I've seen for it was in the book Rock Revolution published by Creem magazine, who called it @#%&.

Paid Laughter

If you are smart enough, you can turn any skill into a career, no matter how silly it may seem. Take Ann Shalla, who would laugh at almost anything, and had a very infectious laugh. Comedians would pay her $100 to sit in the audience when they did talk shows.

The Jazz Singer Not Silent Enough

It seems like there is always controversy about which movies get nominated for The Academy Awards and which don't. This isn't new. In 1927 The Jazz Singer was ruled ineligible for best picture at the academy awards because it was deemed unfair for a sound movie to compete against silent.

Lon Chaney Gets Inducted

Lon Chaney didn't usually make personal appearances. He was convinced to make one for the premiere of is movie Tell It To The Marines. The reason he agreed to this appearance was because during filming he had become close friends with General Smedley Butler. During the appearance at the premiere General Butler gave Chaney an honorary membership in the Marines.


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