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Mixed Photos

 A collection of photos I have taken, beginning with One of an old courthouse in Arkansas that dates from the late 1800's. Along with the photo is a version where I used Gimp to strip the color and added a lot of grain to make it look old. Decide for yourself if it works or not.

Next up is Reunion Tower in Dallas, both from directly underneath and from a way off looking at the skyline.

A kid playing in an inflatable obstacle course.

A house out in the country. Even though this was taken in the U.S. it has a very English feel to me. It puts me in mind of a Tolkien landscape almost.

Next is a flower, because flowers are pretty.

The next shot was a dock late on a foggy summer night. It came out hazy, but I ended up liking that effect. It reminds of the poster for The Exorcist almost.

Next up is a concert crowd. I didn't get there in time to get close enough to get good shots of the band, so I had to make do with this shot of the crowd, which I wound up really liking.

And finally, a little kid dressed as a pirate, because Arrr! Why not?


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